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Workshops & Courses COMING SOON:~ 

Please do NOT book till we 

​This page is only for our NON regular workshops and courses, to find out about our regular classes or private classes please contact us direct.

Combo Courses
Wednesdays TBC


Launch of  Beg/Imp & Int/Adv On2 Classes:7-8pm


Beg/Imp: This class is designed for level 1 dancers and/or a transition for On1 dancers who would like to learn On2 and to improve your timing and understanding to the music, lead and follow technique.


Int/Adv: This class is for dancers that have no problem with timing and experinced on dancing On2, it will have aprtnerwork and advanced turmpatterns full of technique and the secrets of lead and follow, And men and ladies styling with in partnerwork.


Price: £30


All level Bachata and Salsa Classes:  

Bachata 8:00-9:00 & Salsa On1 9:00-10:00

From Zero to Hero: You’ll receive high level of tuition & technique in a relaxed fun filled atmosphere. You’ll learn from some of the best National & International leading instructors. Who traveled around the world teaching and performing.


Price: £30


Combo price for both courses: £50


** For drop in classes please check the FACEBOOK page.


4 Weeks courses (BRISTOL)


Beginners/ Improvers Cha Cha course: 7-8pm


This course is aimed for level 1 dancers and/or anyone would like to learn Cha Cha Cha from scratch (Beg) to master your basics with in 6 weeks to be comfortable on the dance floor and get you ready for the next level (Int/Adv).


Course will include:

Footwork and simple shines - Timing & Musicality - Lead & Follow technique and partnerwork.


Price: £50 if booked before the 25 DECEMBER. 

          £60 if booked before the 10th JANUARY.

          £70 if booked after the 10th JANUARY.



Intermediate/ Advance On2 Course: 8:15-9:45


This Course is for dancers who's been dancing On2 for more than a year and knows all the basic patterns and footwork. This Class will progress very quickly after the third week, so you most practice between sessions, because all the 6 weeks will be linked to each other via a routine.


Course will include:

Footwork & shines - turn patterns - Body movement with some afrocuban flavor. The Secrets of aromography & Slick Flicks  technique led on the dance floor.


Price: £50 if booked before the 25 DECEMBER. 

          £60 if booked before the 10th JANUARY.

          £80 if booked after the 10th JANUARY.

***Please bare in mind spaces are VERY LIMITED, book in advance to secure a place and to take advantage of our *Christmas offers*.


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