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Mr. Sleek

International Choregrapher - MC & Host - Dance Instructor - Performer - Promoter & DJ

The name Sleek was given to Sam as a testimony to his light, smooth, but effortless style. Known as one of the lightest leads in salsa and for his fast and different types of shines, footwork and partner work with a variety of moves and technique, he has taken the UK, Europe and now the world by storm. From the Far East (Hong Kong, Seoul) to the US (NewYork City, San Diego, Boston) and from Europe (Germany, Barcelona) to the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt) and many cities in between, he is in great demand for his gentle yet effective lead in a variety of styles, becoming known as one of the most inspiring names on the dancing and teaching circuit today. Sam has toured the US 3 times becoming the first UK artists to tour the US from the West coast to the East coast.



Available for: 

  • MC & Host - Stage Managemen - DJ

  • Salsa On1 Salsa On2 & Cha Cha Ch - Musicality, Body movements & Styling

  •  Choreography bootcamps and specialised workshops 


As well as a renowned Choreographer, Teacher, Performer & Dj, Sam has lately became known as one of the most thought after worldwide as an MC & Host with his hilarious humorous side to entertaining the crowd while presenting the shows.


Sam has a wide and varied experience in the entertainment and performing industry, and over a short space of time has amassed many performing/teaching credits to his name. His versatility can be seen not only in his dancing, but, acting and also modelling - in bridal shows, catwalk, magazines and TV. Such as:- 

  • Land of Apes the Musical’ 

  • Driving Lessons’

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ 

  • Bonita’ Music video in Ukraine.

  • Ya Lile’ Music video in Dubai (Rotana music channel)

  • Mahogany bridal magazine’

  • El Fernandito T.V Show in Boston/USA.

  • Got to dance at the Edinburgh t.v festival 2011 (Choreograper for the BBC)

  • Sam has also hosted one of the biggest charity Latin dance events in UK (Caridad Charity Dance event 2008)


Sam has worked, and continues to work, alongside some of the World most distinguished dancers and companies. And he  is stamping his unique ‘Sleek’ style in the UK and around the world. 

To name a few Key Cities Such as:~

Hong Kong - Seoul/Korea Bangkok/Thailand - New York City - Boston - TJ/ Mexico - San Diego - Wachington DC - Stutgart - Barcelona -  Cairo - Amsterdam - Tunisia and many more...

After travelling around the world and combining his experience and skills, Sam has created events with the dancers in mind with the highest quality of classes - music, including:

London Salsa Marathon - Tumbao & Tumbadoras - MSD afternoon Salsa Social & Love4Dance (Bristol)

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