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The Company

Sleek Arrows is a UK-based dance company. Founded and Directed by Sam Mr. Sleek.

The name was given to the group as a testimony to its dynamic and energetic routines, that blend together in a smooth and effortless style. 


The Company has been known by their Versatility - Diversity - Energy - Creativity and Elements of surprise on every show, using different elements of various dance styles on every choreography such as: Mambo - Cha Cha Cha - Bachata - Hiphop - Jazz - Modern - Bollero and Afrocuban rythem.


After Starting the company in 2011, The company has produced 3 other teams known by the Sleek Arrows Student Teams in 2012, and 5 different choreographies. Becoming one of the best if not the best student team in the UK.




~:Auditions are only Once or Twice a year:~

-We're always looking for new dancers to join the company ( All 4 levels), if you're interested get touch.


For any more info, please contact us on: FaceBook or by e-mail on 

Rehearsals & Training

The rehearsal times may vary depends on the team you're in.

Expect to train and dance to varaity of styles.



Workshops & Classes

We run regular workshops and classes (Open to Public) including:

On1 - On2 - Cha Cha - Body Isolations & Musicality.

And guest instructors on other styles like: Ballet - Jazz & HipHop etc.. 

For more info: please contact us directly or via our Facebook group or page.

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